Collections in the Archives of Appalachia

Sherrod Library, East Tennessee State University

Thomas G. Burton Collection

The manuscripts, photographic prints and negatives, audio and video tapes of this collection focus on the religious ritual of serpent handling, folk song and storytelling performances, and other subjects relating to traditional Appalachian culture.

Thomas G. Burton and Ambrose N. Manning Collection

The reel-to-reel audio field recordings, dub sheets, transcripts, indices, and other materials of this collection (principally from Western North Carolina and East Tennessee) provide a wide-ranging assemblage of traditional Appalachian culture.

Thomas G. Burton and Jack Schrader Collection

This collection contains seven color film documentaries (accompanying components and copies in various formats) by professors Burton and Schrader dealing with a number of Appalachian traditional activities including religious ritual, music, work, crafts, storytelling, and domestic life.

Thomas G. Burton and Thomas F. Headley Collection

The collection consists primarily of the materials (interviews, outtakes, stock footage, and other related recordings) generated during the production of documentaries by professors Burton and Headley including two on the subject of the practice of Pentecostal Holiness congregations often referred to as "following the signs" of Mark 16:17-18, one on an EEG taken during the "anointment" of a Pentecostal Holiness preacher, one on violence in the South, and one on a convict awaiting execution.